Dating hazel atlas jars

Plate, brass, and aluminum – as well as zink caps for mason jars (algeo 1956:42, 47-48) by 1900, hazel was ready to expand again the firm purchased the griffith tin plate co factory in 1900 – also in washington – and converted it to glass production the new plant became hazel no 2, while the older one was called hazel no 1 (algeo 1956:44. Ps love the deco cookie jar too (did you know hazel atlas made a cookie jar similar to that one) join the hazel atlas glass collectors newsletter. How to date old ball mason jars ball mason jars are a type of home canning jar made by the ball corporation the company started making mason jars back in 1880, and many people today still use these for canning, or collect the jars as a.

Hazel-atlas glass company ~ bottles, jars, marks, history, summary, manufacturers marks logo, symbol on glass, glassware, depression glass tableware. Glass jars antique 1 quart hazel atlas ez seal #703 many reproduction companies list the same date or model number on jars that have been produced over. About hazel atlas glass new company by hazel glass to meet its fruit jar production needs, atlas glass the hazel company continued to manufacture items from. Search by date search by date: from: to to: searching collections: ohio home ohio history connection selections atlas e-z seal canning jar reference url.

How to identify hazel-atlas mason jars find this pin and more on for sarah by bradg1977 how to date hazel atlas glass. Dating hazel atlas jars published: 06052018 come see me at the lash room in simpsonville, where i am offering lash extensions, as. This food bottles & canning jars page is divided into the following categories and made by the hazel-atlas and help with canning jar dating.

How to date atlas jars old canning jars are popular among take note of any dates or other information on the jars the hazel-atlas company was in business. At first, after this 1902 merger, hazel atlas continued their production of fruit jars and commercial food storage containers, as they had for many years prior.

I'm always interested in the history behind an item, and over the past couple of years i've been collecting information about hazel atlas jam jars i have been able to find radio commercials, newspaper and magazine advertisements that describe the kix cereal promotions in detail. The dating game by bill lockhart hazel-atlas glass co also made some of the economy jars from 1906 to 1909, so. How can you determine how old a hazel atlas jam jar is atlas canning jars were made in the early 1900s-1950s they weremass produced.

Hazel-atlas glass: identification & value guide, second edition [gene florence, cathy florence] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers the hazel-atlas company was established in washington, pennsylvania, in 1902 as a result of the merger of the hazel glass company and the neighboring atlas glass and metal company. Once the largest glass manufacturer in the world, hazel-atlas grew out of the hazel glass company, which was founded in 1885 to make opal glass liners for the zinc caps of mason jars by 1902, when its name was changed to hazel-atlas, the company was a leader in fruit jars, oil bottles, glass lamp bases, and commercial glass containers for. Theresa loe is the founder of living homegrown i’m trying to find a chart to date my kerr & hazel atlas jars i also found a bunch of atlas jars and some.

To be clear, though, these were still never the original, actual, hazel-atlas mason jars certified for use and re-use as proper mason jars and, to be clear, classico to our knowledge didn’t certify their 1980s and 1990s jars for re-use as mason jars, either. Any brand name of other identifying marks on these jars log in or sign up dating old canning jars and hazel atlas all made jelly jars. Junk 101: canning jars the cracking was a common problem with shoulder seal jars hazel-atlas glass company were if you have a ball jar, you can date most of. Antique and vintage glass jars october 7, 2016 lakeerieartists leave a comment depression glass, apothecary jars, canning jars, hazel atlas, anchor hocking.

Look for jars embossed with the atlas name in raised lettering take note of any dates or other information on the jars the hazel-atlas company was. Fruit jars: a collectors' manual hazel-atlas link to website - society for historical archaeology site offers bottle dating link to website - home of jar. The hazel atlas glass corporation was an important part of the local economy as it employed people for both the closure operation and the corporate headquarters but the influence of this major company extended well beyond the city limits, having manufacturing plants in other parts of west virginia plus the states of pennsylvania. The hazel-atlas company made such familiar jars as the atlas e-z seal, the atlas strong shoulder mason (the neck didn't crack as easily as the traditional shoulder seal mason jar) and the atlas h over a mason in the 40s and 50s hazel-atlas was one of the big three jar makers along with ball of muncie, in and kerr of sand springs, ok.

Dating hazel atlas jars
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